Hi, I'm Jeremie and I live in London. I'm a machine learning engineer at Papercup doing research on text-to-speech models for automatic video dubbing. I also play jazz / gypsy jazz guitar and like rock climbing.

I was previously a statistical scientist at Cervest working on climate modelling. Before that I did a postdoc at Lancaster University in Bayesian machine learning with Chris Nemeth, and a PhD in computational statistics at UCL with Yvo Pokern.


Software I wrote / contibuted to:

  • SGMCMCJax: lightweight library of stochastic gradient MCMC algorithms written in JAX
  • JAX-tqdm: add a tqdm progress bar to JAX scans and loops
  • The DjangoVerse: interactive data visualisation of Gypsy Jazz musicians around the world

Music related projects:

Other projects:


I’m always happy to chat about science/tech/maths/random! So if you’re in London and want to meet for coffee/tea just email me at jeremie.coullon at gmail.com. I’ll buy the drinks :)